Tourwriter announces new native tree funding initiative

  Today, on Earth Day, Tourwriter has announced a new initiative that aims to benefit local communities and natural environments...

Tourwriter launches Better Travel Manifesto, a vision for a sustainable future for tourism

By taking the pledge, you are making a commitment to help create opportunities for better travel that will benefit everyone. You can use the pledge to guide your decisions, sculpt your experiences, inspire your employees, and showcase your vision for a more sustainable tourism industry to the world.

Tourwriter announces changes to leadership team ahead of tourism rebound

Vaccinations are ramping up and travel bubbles are opening up...the tourism rebound is happening! In preparation for the tourism rebound, we’re announcing one of the biggest changes to our leadership team in our 17 year history!

New Zealand travel marketplace

Tourwriter launches NZ itinerary marketplace to help struggling tour operators during COVID-19

A new marketplace for Kiwis to find and book custom New Zealand holidays has just launched. Love Your NZ, was designed and built by Wellington based tour operator software company, Tourwriter, as a way to combat the harsh impact of COVID-19 on New Zealand’s inbound tour operators. Pairing passionate local travellers with experienced New Zealand travel specialists, Love Your NZ is a free marketing platform that assists those Tourwriter customers specialising in inbound travel, to pivot towards New Zealand's growing domestic travel market.

Tourism Accelerator 2020

Tourism Accelerator launches to help startup founders re-shape the tourism industry

Wellington-based startup programme Lightning Lab has teamed up with Tourwriter to launch Tourism Accelerator 2020. Set to commence in October 2020, the programme focuses on helping New Zealand startup founders who are designing solutions  to make travel better for travellers, suppliers, and the make travel better for travellers, suppliers, and the environment.

Minim One pricing plan

Tourwriter launches new Minim plan with pricing designed to help tour operators during COVID-19

Tourwriter have launched a new per-user pricing model for Minim that gives tour operators even more freedom from cashflow uncertainty and will help them prepare for the inevitable recovery of the tourism industry. Meet Minim One.

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