Tourwriter announces changes to leadership team ahead of tourism rebound

Left to right: Pierre Malou, Serge van Dam, Glenn Campbell

29 March, 2021

Wellington, New Zealand – In preparation for the tourism rebound, award winning tour operator software company, Tourwriter, is today announcing a significant change to their leadership team. Notably, this includes the appointment of Pierre Malou as the company’s sole Chief Executive Officer. 

The news comes after Pierre and company co-founder, Glenn Campbell held a dual co-CEO role throughout 2020 to support Tourwriter’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. They now believe a global tourism rebound is imminent and are realigning their business for what they expect to be an unprecedented boom in tourism worldwide. 

Malou explains that the tourism industry is coming out of hibernation in preparation for travel bubbles to start opening up. “March 2021 has been a record breaking month for Tourwriter. We have seen more travel professionals reading our resources, trialing and purchasing our software than ever before,” he added, “tour operators are sending a clear message, they are here and they are ready for travel to resume. We at Tourwriter are realigning our leadership team so that we are ready to hit the ground running alongside our customers.”

Effective April 1st, 2021, Pierre Malou will take over as the CEO. Co-founder and Director, Glenn Campbell is looking forward to his new role as Head of Strategic Partnerships; developing relationships that will accelerate the growth of Tourwriter, with the eventual tourism rebound. Glenn will also continue assisting the Tourwriter team through mentoring and strategic guidance from his position on the board.

Tourwriter Chair, Serge van Dam reiterates the timing is aligned with the impending travel rebound, “Glenn’s wealth of expertise in the tourism industry is invaluable for guiding the company’s strategic direction as we and our customers rebound from the pandemic.”

Joining the Tourwriter team as Chief Operating Officer just one week before COVID-19 lockdowns began, and then moving to co-CEO in May, it’s fair to say that Pierre is up for a challenge. “Pierre’s first 12 months at Tourwriter have been the ultimate test for any executive. Through it all he has led with a calm, compassionate and inspiring demeanor. As the tourism landscape continues to recover and evolve, I have every confidence in Pierre’s ability to lead the Tourwriter team as we enter this next phase of our journey,” said Glenn. 

The change to the leadership team also includes the appointment of a number of new advisors to the Board of Directors, making it one of the most important changes to Tourwriter’s governance structure in its 17 year history. “We are welcoming a high calibre team of advisors to the board, including experts in technology, tourism, and business growth,” said Pierre. “There’s an abundance of pent up demand in tourism at the moment. With vaccination rates rising and borders reopening, we’re expecting a big rebound. This leadership change is a signal that we are more ready than ever to support our new and existing customers when it happens,” finished Pierre.

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