The Better Travel Manifesto

We have a chance to change the way people travel. Help us shape the future of tourism, creating better travel for all.

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Tourwriter created the Better Travel Pledge to encourage others to think about their role in tourism and how they can contribute to the advancement and longevity of our industry.

By taking the pledge, you are making a commitment to help create opportunities for better travel that will benefit everyone. You can use the pledge to guide your decisions, sculpt your experiences, inspire your employees, and showcase your vision for a more sustainable tourism industry to the world.

Our vision for the future of tourism

Better travel is meaningful.

Enriching experiences that educate, enlighten and inspire travellers, creating lifelong memories.

Better travel is responsible.

Travel that ensures the natural, economic and socio-cultural elements of destinations are left better than how they were found.

Better travel is refined.

Expert travel designers showcasing the most considered services, people and places within a destination and travel niche.

Better travel is tailor-made.

Meticulously crafted by those who are obsessed with tailoring the travel experience to the personality and preferences.

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