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Part 1. Online Itinerary Publishing and Mobile App

In an increasingly technology-driven world, every industry is susceptible to the advance of digitalization – the travel industry is no exception to this. Kodak is a classic case of a company blind to the disruptive changes in its marketplace; they didn’t recognize soon enough that digital technology would decimate their traditional business. Much closer to home we have the rapid rise of online travel specialists resulting in the swift replacement of paper travel documents for more modernized digital travel documents.

This is particularly true when considering luxury travelers. These travelers are a discerning group that expect personal service and depend on the expert knowledge of high-end tour operators, but they also expect a modern, digital experience. In order to remain competitive in the digital world, travel agents and tour operators need to provide Online Itinerary Publishing and Mobile Apps as part of their travel experience.

Thinking Forward

Tour operators and DMC’s (Destination Management Companies) can provide a customer experience that traditional high street travel agents simply cannot match. However, forward-thinking businesses must be prepared with a technological strategy – one that addresses the needs and expectations of a customer base that is growing increasingly comfortable with digitization in the goods and services sectors.

While the most appropriate course of action will be different for every business, this plan offers the basic building blocks to a solid and sustainable digital strategy for any tour company.

Embracing the Mobile Platform

It’s no secret that smartphone ownership is on the rise. According to Ericsson’s 2017 Mobility Report, there were 7.6 billion smartphone subscriptions worldwide in 2017. Mobile broadband subscriptions are growing by around 25 percent year-on-year, increasing by approximately 240 million in Q1 2017 alone.

With so many consumers connected through their smart devices, it would be reckless for a business not to have a digital presence of some kind. This can take any number of forms, including e-newsletters, blogs, an app, or social media presence.

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