6 things your itinerary builder software should have

itinerary builder software

Whether you’re just about to launch your new travel business, have finally grown out of using Word and Excel to craft itineraries, or simply need a change from your current software provider, this blog is designed to help you steer the ship in the right direction.

With thousands of software solutions available at your disposal, deciding where to even begin can feel like an impossible task. So, instead of feeling encumbered by the seemingly limitless possibilities available to you, try starting your search with a better understanding of what’s important when it comes to itinerary builder software.


intuitive travel software

Research states that increased stress directly results in lost time from work, reduced levels of engagement and decreased productivity. Creating and fostering an environment where your employees can enjoy their work without a high level of stress will boost employee well-being and  enhance productivity. Ensuring the itinerary builder that they use each day, facilitates their work rather than creating obstacles is a simple and effective way to do this. Ultimately, this means that your tour operator business has happy, motivated employees who have the tools they need to sell more tailor-made travel, what could be better?

A day in the life of a tour operator is filled with itinerary creation, supplier management and customer communication (amongst a multitude of other tasks, of course). As such, the itinerary builder that you use can either make your day hassle free and enjoyable, or struggle-filled and frustrating. Noone wants to use a tool everyday that they dread, so choosing one with an intuitive design that you and your team understand is paramount.


tour operator brand

Competition in the travel industry is rife, the number of tour operators and travel agencies that exist in the UK alone is growing by 12% year on year. This added supply exists to meet the equally impressive influx in travellers.

As the industry continues to swell, the need to have a strong brand presence has become critical. Tour operators without a clear identity are less likely to attract loyal customers, are considered less credible, convert lower value customers, and are less desirable when it comes to employing talent.

Adopting an itinerary builder that allows you and your team to produce high quality, design driven proposals and itineraries will bolster the experience your customers receive from the moment they first interact with your tour operator business.

It’s important to remember that the concept of brand is no longer limited to traditional visual identifiers such as a logo, colour palette and font. Your tour operator brand is both how your company manifests visually, but most importantly how it translates in the minds of your target customers. Are you a budget friendly tour operator, or an exclusive luxury tour operator; both options have a clear target market so making sure your brand identity is obvious to the right people (your desired customers) is crucial to growing your sales.

Consider the elements of your tour operator brand that you want your customers to associate you with. If it’s excellent communication, choose a software which fosters connectivity between you and your travellers. If you wish to associate your travel business with simplicity, select an itinerary builder which allows travellers to seamlessly review, accept, pay, and enjoy the itinerary creation experience alongside their travel designer.


mobile itinerary

In this day and age, a printed of PDF itinerary simply doesn’t cut it anymore. Giving your customers a mobile optimised, interactive itinerary brings their complete travel experience into the 21st century. It’s no longer a ‘nice to have’, it’s a ‘must have’.

Satisfied customers are your most loyal assets; more likely to refer others, and travel with your tour operator business again. Additionally, a customer referred from a previous customer has a 37% higher customer retention rate. Happy customers really are worth their weight in gold.


travel specialists

The best tour operator software solution for your business is one that is more than a great piece of technology; it’s one that not only helps you craft itineraries with ease, but also comes with years of collective industry experience.

Partnering with a software provider that has first hand experience managing a business like yours means they are more likely to understand the nuances of tailor-made itinerary creation and travel in general. The tools they create for you to use are likely to be inspired by their experience and the support they can offer you will far surpass basic technical support.


travel customer

The average traveller visits 38 travel websites prior to departing, and although some travellers will prefer the hands-off approach, chances are that many of your customers will want to contribute to the itinerary creation process.

The best itinerary builder for your business should be one that allows you and your customers to share and collaborate during the itinerary creation process, and one that also makes communication simple once a trip has commenced.


b2b tour operator software

For most tour operators, tailor-made itinerary creation isn’t done in a bubble. It’s a highly collaborative art form which typically involves many people. As well as the primary travel designer, there are often colleagues, Destination Management Companies (DMC’s), specialty suppliers, ground handlers and concierges who all play an important part in curating the perfect tailor-made itinerary.

Collaborating with other businesses is sometimes a chore in itself, involving countless emails back and forth, numerous edits when dates get changed and a general feeling of chaos until the itinerary is all finalised. Minim is the world’s first itinerary builder software to offer an online solution to the often tedious process of B2B collaboration. In the itinerary builder, travel designers can invite other business contributors to collaborate on all or part of the itinerary. Not only do solutions like these speed up the travel design process, but they also foster better working relationships between your employees and your business partners.


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