Solving Common Workflow Problems for Tour Operators.

Increase Profit with TourWriter

Increase Profit with TourWriter

Here at Tourwriter, we work with hundreds of Tour Operators. They come to us suffering a range of different workflow issues. Some are looking to better manage their supplier database. Others are looking to lower their environmental footprint with less paper waste.

Quick Quotes Are the Key to Quick Sales.

Overall, the number one issue Tour Operators face is how to create quotes quickly. The travel industry has changed dramatically with the impact of the internet. Consumers have moved online, creating a globally competitive market. To increase sales, a fast quote turnaround is imperative.

Remember it is not always the cheapest quote but more often the quote delivered fastest that wins the sale.

Quick Quotes Save Money

Every hour saved creating quotes leads directly to improved profitability.

Let’s say the average 14-day itinerary currently takes 4 hours to perfect using Word or Excel. Cutting and pasting supplier information. Ensuring images are correctly placed on the page. You know the drill. It’s time-consuming and fiddly.

Let’s do a quick calculation estimating the cost of a travel consultant processing 3 quotes on a basic wage of $20 per hour.

4 hours @ $20 = $80 x 3 quotes = $240 

Using Tourwriter, software designed for Tour Operators, a 14-day multi-stop itinerary can be prepared and emailed to your customers or agents in as little as 5 minutes. That works out to around $1.60 per quote.

At that speed, $240 would allow you to produce 150 quotes instead of 3!

As you can see there are incredible savings to be made.

How Does Tourwriter Do It?

Tourwriter works by centralizing your supplier database. Each supplier’s services and rates are loaded alongside relevant descriptive content and images. Tourwriter automatically produces a quote and final itinerary documentation once you have compiled your bookings in the system.

This means you can create documents at the click of a button, then either email these to your clients and agents directly from Tourwriter, or export to PDF or Word.

Benefits of Quicker Quotes

We have outlined some key direct benefits of producing quotes more quickly. Most business owners will be happy enough with increased revenue whilst decreasing expenses.

Quite possibly the most important benefit will be the shift in consultant behavior. With Tourwriter handling the administration, consultants can focus 100% on sales.

Most businesses using Tourwriter find consultants focusing on sales sell more. Look for a future blog post on this soon.

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