This webinar covers online marketing for tour operators and DMC’s with a particular focus on travel companies selling tailor-made itineraries.

The topic is presented by Gina Paladini from Tomahawk Marketing with help from Jason Bragg from TourWriter.

TourWriters back office software helps 100’s of tour operators in 24 countries work faster, to manage larger itinerary volumes with less staff and to be more profitable. TourWriter clients are a diverse bunch,  selling a range of travel products to a range of different travel markets. As the internet becomes more accessible to consumers there is also an increasing need to promote direct to consumers via online marketing.











The idea for this webinar came about from talking with numerous clients and their desire to be better at marketing online. A number of our clients said “we need help with our online marketing”. The hope is this webinar will help tour operators to market online better, to attract more business and to sell more travel.

Thank you for Gina Paladini for presenting this webinar for us. For those that dont know Gina has experience as a tour operator and a business degree in Marketing and Communications. She has been at the forefront of online marketing since the beginning of the internet with great success and her current role as director of Tomahawk Marketing places her as an expert in the field. You can learn more about Tomahawk here