How to give your customers the trip of a lifetime

Custom-built luxury tours and itineraries allow travelers to enjoy a holiday experience that is personal. One that matches their specific travel requirements, interests and passions. One that takes them on a journey that will be truly memorable.

While it is important for tour and travel companies to be able to successfully work with a range of clients, the need to provide truly top-notch luxury holiday experiences is growing. Compared to 2015, the number of bookings for high-end travel experiences in 2016 is the same or higher for 86% of travel agencies surveyed by Travel Leaders Group.

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In order to ensure the best customer service experience, tour companies must be sure to meet or preferably, exceed client expectations. Of course, in order to do that, you must know what travelers are looking for in their high-end holidays. By keeping in mind the following insights, you can ensure that you provide customers with a luxury itinerary that surpasses even the highest standards.

Know Your Client’s Travel Needs

In order to create a perfect individually tailored holiday, it is vital that your traveler’s interests are catered for. Obviously, you need to know what these are, if you’re going to put together a trip that gives them a holiday of a lifetime. A fan of Game of Thrones, for example, might be interested in traveling to the various filming locations in either Iceland, Northern Ireland or Croatia.

It is also important to consider what might be going on in your client’s life at that moment. For example, according to Travel Market Report, some parents are interested in taking a trip with their son or daughter as a bonding experience just before university begins.

Provide Exceptional Customer Service

A big draw in luxury travel is first-class service. As a tour and travel company specializing in arranging these trips, you are part of that experience. Clients shouldn’t have to wait until they’re on the plane to feel like the pampering has begun, they should feel special from the moment they get in contact with you. This starts by approaching all interactions with the goal of providing superb customer service.

Make It Exclusive

No one wants to go on the same luxury tour as the last person. If they did, they would book an off-the-rack travel package. This is particularly important among millennial clients. A roundtable discussion conducted by Luxury Travel Advisor and reported by Travel Agent Central focused on the impact of millennials on tour companies. During the discussion, Maureen Conlin of Los Gatos Travel spoke on the importance of exclusivity for younger travelers.

“You also have to really listen to them, because it is always about one-upping someone else. That’s the new thing. How can I do something better than someone else did?” said Ms. Conlin.

Give your clients the kind of trip they can go and brag about, and they’ll surely come back.

Recommend Accommodation That Also Provides an Experience

One of the first things your clients will do after getting off of the plane is check in to their accommodation. As a result, this will play a large role in forming their first impressions of the trip. Setting clients up with the right hotel, apartment, villa or even castle adds extra oomph that turns a great trip into an exceptional one. With such a wide array of accommodation experiences to choose from, it is possible to provide your customers with a place to stay that perfectly complements the rest of the experience. To do this you need to specialize and know your product.

Know Where to Go

When it comes to luxury travel, offering your clients the right destination can make all the difference. It is important to know where, and what, the lesser known gems are and why people are heading to them.

Cuba travel experience - custom holiday tour


Cuba, for instance, was identified as the trending destination for luxury travelers in 2016 by Travel Leaders Group, partly because people want to see the country’s timeless mystique before it’s altered by the incoming American businesses.

Having an idea of why people travel to certain destinations can help you stay ahead of the curve and identify the next hotspot before the rush starts.

Know Which Activities to Recommend

People go to different destinations to see the sights, but also to experience what makes them so special and unique. Niche qualities of a location can provide your clients with a truly unique immersion into local culture and lifestyles. Whether these activities showcase the industry, culture or lifestyle of a particular destination, well-chosen activities can provide your client with an unforgettable holiday experience.

As you can see, there are many considerations when creating a high-end trip for your clients. Tour Operator software like Tourwriter will give you the time you need to deliver the best luxury travel experience for your customers. Contact us today to learn more.

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