Journey Through the Lands of Game of Thrones for DMC’s

Are Tour Operators and DMC’s Making the Most of TV-Inspired Itinerary Creation?

The latest season of Game of Thrones has hit the airwaves, and with it comes a resurgence of popularity as fans of the show get ready to see what lies in store for their favorite (and most despised) people in Westeros and across the Narrow Sea.

There’s no question that people all around the world go crazy for Game of Thrones – as well as its source material, George R. R. Martin’s unfinished series, A Song of Ice and Fire. According to the Hollywood Reporter, 10.7 million people tuned in on cable and via streaming services to watch the premiere of season six, while over 58 million copies of the novels have been sold across the globe, according to The Guardian.

In the lulls between books and episodes, these fans are far from restive; they re-watch episodes, re-read chapters, share and discuss theories, and create spectacular fan creations inspired by the series. Fans of the adventurous sort can also follow in the footsteps of their favorite characters and travel to the real locations that have served as the backdrop of some of the most memorable scenes from Game of Thrones.

Build Itinerary Packages Around Well-Known Sites

Tour Operators and DMC’s looking to increase their offerings for high-end, bespoke holiday packages can help their customers get the real Game of Thrones experience with a trip through the Seven Kingdoms, across the Narrow Sea and north of the Wall.

Fans and travelers can visit these locations to get a glimpse into the world of A Song of Ice and Fire.

King’s Landing

The seat of power and home to the highly contested Iron Throne, King’s Landing is filmed in a number of locations across Croatia and Malta. While the streets and houses of Dubrovnik, Ston and Split are used for wide sweeping shots of the city, some of the more famous buildings in King’s Landing have real-life counterparts in these cities as well.

To visit the Red Keep, home to the ruling family of Westeros, travelers would have to make their way to several different locations. In the show, characters enter the Keep through several gates. Two prominent entryways on the show can be seen at Malta’s Mdina Gate and Fort Ricasoli. Scenes featuring the Red Keep facade are filmed in two locations – Lovrijenac Fortress in Croatia and San Anton Palace in Malta. Take a stroll around those buildings and you’ll feel that you could run into the knights of the Kingsguard around the next corner.

Some of the most picturesque parts of the Red Keep are the castle gardens, filmed at Minceta Tower in Croatia. For a darker holiday experience, however, travelers can take a trip to visit Fort Saint Angelo in Malta. This fort is the location of the Red Keep dungeons – which have provided a temporary home to characters from Ned Stark to Tyrion Lannister.

Separated by a quick flight, Malta and Croatia are essential destinations for any fan looking to get up close to the political center of the seven kingdoms.

Beyond the Wall

Some of the most gripping and heartbreaking scenes of Game of Thrones take place in the frozen lands north beyond the wall. Show watchers most certainly remember following in the footsteps of Jon Snow and his fellow brothers of the Night’s Watch as they set out north.

From wildling camps to frozen mountains, most scenes beyond the wall were filmed in Iceland. The stunning landscape provides a captivating backdrop for some of the show’s most intense moments – including Jon Snow’s undercover mission among the Free Folk and the battles between the White Walkers and the NIght’s Watch.

Scenes in the hazardous Frostfangs were filmed in Hofdabrekka, while other areas of the icy north can be seen in Vatnajokull and Svinafellsjokull. However, much like the lands beyond the wall, Iceland is not all ice and snow. Many areas are full of stunning green vistas, such as Dimmuborgir and Lake Myvatn, which enjoyed some prominence in Game of Thrones as the site of wildling settlements and other more habitable locations.

Iceland’s stunning geothermal features also play a pivotal role in the making of Game of Thrones. Who could forget the hot spring caves where Jon Snow and his ill-fated wildling partner Ygritte spent a passionate night? That scene was filmed in the thermal springs of Grjotagja, not far from Lake Myvatn.

With so much to see, Iceland is an ideal destination for any Game of Thrones themed holiday.

So Much More That DMC’s Can Do

Iceland, Croatia, and Malta are just a small slice of the travel opportunities available for Game of Thrones fans. The world of A Song of Ice and Fire spans across continents, and so do the locations where the epic show has been filmed.

Of course, tour and travel companies looking to plan this sort of trip can use assistance with handling accommodation, itineraries, and transportation. For more information about how travel agency software can help your tour company or DMC please contact Tourwriter today.

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