How Much Time Can the Supplier Request Auto Confirmation Function Save You?

Tourwriter is designed to efficiently calculate pricing and generate publishing itineraries for tailor-made tour operators in minutes. Once setup the Tourwriter software saves literally thousands of labor hours for TourWriter clients every year.

Every minute counts and something small like staff having to manually check supplier booking response emails could be costing you. How much could automating the process of updating itinerary statuses save you? Maybe only 30 seconds a service but the minutes soon add up.

Automated Vendor Confirmations Save Time

The Supplier Auto Confirmation function allows your suppliers to confirm booking requests without having to email reply, phone or fax you. Easy, fast and efficient. We have one client processing 12,000 booking request replies a month saving them the cost of 2 Full-Time Equivalent employees.

The Supplier Auto Confirmation option allows you to send a website link to your suppliers straight from Tourwriter. The supplier can then follow this link to confirm your booking, add any relevant booking details and update the details directly back to Tourwriter.

So how does supplier auto confirmation work? It is probably easier to watch the above video but here is a breakdown for you.

In an open itinerary, click Make Booking, and then select the desired Auto Confirmation Booking template. The Edit Emails screen will appear. Check your request details through and add any additional notes. When you are ready, select Next. You can select a status for your booking to change to after your email is sent such as Requested. When you are ready, click Send.

Now, your supplier will receive an email notification that asks them to take action. They have three options. The first is to follow the Confirm link. The second is to follow the Decline link. And third is to reply to this email as normal. All details of your booking are noted in the email.

When the supplier clicks the Confirm link, they will open a webpage. It prompts them to enter their own reference number and any notes. The booking details can be seen again, on the side, for their reference.

Once they have sent their response, you will receive an email confirmation, showing that your request has been processed and confirmed by the supplier.

When you reopen your Tourwriter itinerary or click Refresh, you will see that the status has changed to confirmed, and their reference has been automatically populated.

To check for any notes from the supplier, double-click the booking, go to the Notes Tab and you will see the supplier note in the private field.

Tourwriter is designed to drive down the time it takes our clients to process client files. The more time we save our clients the more we add value and enable them to be profitable. The supplier request auto confirmation is a case in point.

If you would like to take advantage of the Supplier Auto Confirmation feature and save time managing your supplier bookings, please contact your Tourwriter account manager or support@tourwriter

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