What Does the Term Tour Operator Mean?

Is Our Software Designed for You?

It can be confusing trying to work out whether a particular software advertised is designed for or will work in your particular company. We designed Tourwriter specifically for tour operators.

However the term tour operator refers to a range of different business types. Search under the term ‘tour operator’ and the results could include tour guide companies or ground arrangement operations. A tour operator could also be called a Destination Management Company (DMC). Some many titles, so much confusion.

Wikipedia defines a tour operator as ‘typically combining (es) tour and travel components to create a holiday. They prepare itinerary.” A DMC provides a ‘ground service based on local knowledge of their given destinations.’

If this is you, great, Tourwriter was designed specifically for companies wanting to quickly prepare itineraries for holiday packages combining a range of different travel components.

We work with both inbound and outbound tour operators and DMC’s ranging from small owner-operators to larger multi-branch or multi-department companies. Load thousands of suppliers, all your contacts and your current package templates into TourWriter to quickly turnaround quotes.

Sold in 15 different countries Tourwriter is very flexible to your needs and we guarantee to move you from the world of manual business processes to documentation automation.

Imagine creating quotation documentation at the click of a button. you can with TourWriter.

“Tourwriter has not only changed the way we do business, it has improved the lives of every employee. Everything we do is simply more efficient and professional. This has created a win win situation for everyone (clients, suppliers, staff and management) and in business it does not get much better than that!” – Denise Campbell, Experience New Zealand Travel.