Meet Sarah Vivian and Customer Success at Tourwriter

Sarah Vivian joined the Tourwriter team in March 2018, as our Head of Customer Success. Sarah and our team of Customer Success Executives are committed to the success of current and future Tourwriter Customers.

Throughout her career, Sarah has built a wealth of customer experience including; relationship and account management, sales, and business development. Sarah started her career as an International Travel Consultant and has an affinity with travel, through her family’s past involvement in the industry. Sarah also started and managed her own successful business for 6 years. She fully appreciates how critical it is for our customers to have the right information, knowledge and support to enable and enhance their success. Sarah fully believes our customer journey is a partnership “your success is our success”.

Sarah and our dedicated Customer Success team seek to drive a customer-centric Tourwriter, with greater and more responsive support. Their goal is to help resolve any issues or product queries in a more timely manner, and to help you, our Customer, take advantage of all the features Tourwriter software has to offer. Successful, happy and confident users are the unrelenting focus of our Customer Success team.

A key initiative of the Tourwriter Customer Success team is to enable our Customers to fully recognise how Tourwriter software can help their business achieve their objectives. Whether it be saving time or money, reducing errors, increasing revenue, or all of the above. Sarah would be happy to talk through what this means for you and to ensure you are getting the best return on your investment in Tourwriter.

Customer Success as a concept was created in the mid 2000’s, in recognition that Customers have a choice of software providers. While winning new business had traditionally been the focus of many organisations, acknowledgment was made that it is actually existing customers who are the heart of any business. We wholeheartedly agree – dedicated Customer Success is a vital and, in our eyes, compulsory part of Tourwriter.

To us, Customer Success means building on the relationship we created with you during the sales and implementation stages, valuing the loyalty and trust you have placed in our product. It is our responsibility to provide you with the support and tools to ensure that you, our valued Customer, soar.

Your success is our success! Let’s share the journey together.

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