Tourwriter launches Better Travel Manifesto, a vision for a sustainable future for tourism

Today, Touwriter has unveiled its vision for the future of tourism. Referred to as their Better Travel Manifesto, it aims to encourage the entire travel industry to consider its role and pledge its commitment to the advancement of tourism in a way that is more sustainable both for the businesses within it and for the world.

The Better Travel Manifesto believes that the future of tourism requires a better approach to travel. The goal is to inspire the tourism industry to commit to providing travel that is meaningful, responsible, refined and tailor-made. 

Tourwriter CEO Pierre Malou explains that the future of tourism is bright, but acknowledges the effects of the pandemic on travel specialists worldwide. “At Tourwriter we saw first hand the magnitude of the COVID pandemic and its impact on all sectors of the travel and tourism industry. As such, we have been discussing with our customers what tourism means to them in 2022 and how we can best support them as they refine their 2022/23 products and services.”

Malou wants to make it clear what the Tourwriter team stands for, he added, “our absolute focus is on travel designers and destination experts. This Better Travel Manifesto is our acknowledgment of those specialists and our commitment to the betterment of an industry in a post-pandemic restart. A smart restart, we hope.”

The pledge to support the better travel manifesto demonstrates one’s commitment to creating opportunities for better travel that benefit all. Pledgers receive free resources, including an official badge, which they can display on their social media channels or website to show that they stand with other committed tourism professionals who are working together to help build a better future for travel.