Meet Minim

Our very own online itinerary builder that integrates seamlessly with Tourwriter
giving the world the very first true end-to-end software
for Tour Operators and DMCs.

Tourwriter + Minim

Our new product is an online itinerary platform that integrates with Tourwriter, allowing you to send breathtaking itineraries and collaborate directly with your agents or travellers. It’s lightweight, easy to use and designed to take the customer experience to a whole new level.

How to use minim

See the integration in action.

With the Minim add-on you’ll have all of the functionality that you know and love in Tourwriter, but with the added option to push your Tourwriter itineraries into a gorgeous online platform. See it for yourself.

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Communicate faster

Collaboration functionality injected straight into the heart of your itineraries means you and your customers will always be on the same page.

mobile itinerary

Mobile optimised

Your customers love flexibility. Now you can offer them fully responsive, mobile optimised itineraries, available anywhere, any time with Minim on mobile.

Breathtaking proposals

Itinerary proposals in Minim will take your pre-sales game to a whole new level. Your customers won’t believe their eyes, and neither will you.


B2B functionality

A revolutionary new way to share and collaborate with intermediaries such as sub-agents, DMCs and ground handlers.


The dashboard

An interactive overview of your organisation’s performance. Giving you updates on sales metrics, upcoming itineraries, a live collaboration feed and more.

integrated itinerary builder

Beautifully integrated

You can rest assured that our systems connect seamlessly, because we made them both.

Pricing made simple

Designed with simplicity in mind, we wanted our pricing to reflect this too. Included in Tourwriter’s Professional and Enterprise Plans.

.* Integration only available for Tourwriter customers with an online database.