Investing in Tourwriter Driven by Desire to Be More Efficient

Viking Travel – a Tourwriter Success Story

Viking_Travel travel softwareDavid and Nancy Berg have been running Viking Travel since 1981.

They have always been a business that provides personal service to customers new and old alike, priding themselves on their ability to help people, whether it’s finding a way to see some bears or a glacier, bring your furry friend along or make last-minute travel plans.

Viking Travel has grown through market dominance and business acquisition. They needed to become more efficient in a drive for profitability. Quotes were taking too long to get out and booking confirmations were spread through different email accounts. Nothing was linked and small errors were proving costly.

Viking Travel was looking for Tourwriter to solve 3 main problems:

  1. Improve documentation processing time and quote presentation
  2. Automate the generating of vouchers
  3. Ease of bookkeeping

What they found it that Tourwriter does this and more.

“We recently added a staff person and training on Tourwriter was easy. Our new employee is up and running with little effort.” David Berg.

Tourwriter Makes It Easy to Onboard New Staff and Spread Essential Knowledge.

David BergIt can be difficult for Tour Operators to share knowledge amongst staff. This is particularly true of small startups looking to scale. Tourwriter enables the centralized storage and sharing of key destination and vendor information ensuring access to all.

Tourwriter is designed for ease of use for reservation staff and learning how to use Tourwriter is easy.

Viking Travel has strong relationships with their vendor partners and Tourwriter enables them to email booking requests directly from the system using templates to collate critical information. No more cutting and pasting from word and excel meaning pricing and date errors are minimized.

Starting with Tourwriter meant investing in change. The process was challenging at times but thanks to Tourwriter Viking Travel is a better business.

Meet Our Travel Agents

David and Nancy Berg, co-founders of Viking Travel, Inc., value the slower pace of island life. Dave is a Seattle, WA native and enjoys all that comes with living on the water. He is a volunteer firefighter and EMT and enjoys home brewing, particularly IPA. David and Nancy barbeque king salmon on their covered deck year round.

Quick Facts

Custom Alaska Tours and Ferry Bookings. Experts on the best of what Alaska has to offer

  • 4 User Professional License
  • Team of 7
  • Online Hosted Database
  • Based in Petersburg, Alaska

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