Alter-nativ Brésil

About Alter-nativ Brésil

Alter-nativ Brésil is a Franco-Portuguese agency based in Recife, Brazil, specializing in personalized off-the-beaten-track adventure holidays. Alter-nativ Brésil comprises a team of dedicated travel experts, who each specialize in a region of Brazil.

Although the founders of Alter-nativ Brésil, Yannick Ollivier, and Paula Cardoso, have lived in Brazil since 2001, it wasn’t until 2005 that their dream of offering authentic and unusual itineraries for travellers wishing to avoid mass tourism became a reality. Since then, they have carefully built up a network of local guides, each with specialist cultural and geographic knowledge and each possessing the all-important desire to share their knowledge with their clients.

When asked what is important to them, Yannick, Paula and their team of local guides will say: to provide their clients with wonderful travel experiences, whilst being respectful of both the environment and the local people. They will also tell you that they take great pride in selecting accommodation experiences that match their clients’ expectations and requirements.


Their Tourwriter story

With the growth of Alter-nativ Brésil came a need for a time-saving tour operator software. Yannick and Paula had early success with their new business, but they found the day to day demands of creating and delivering and managing personalized itineraries meant they were struggling to grow their business. The search for help wasn’t easy and Yannick wanted to ensure he was investing in a suitable solution. A tour operator software solution designed to meet his unique industry requirements. “My major concern was to find a system that would effectively save us time in all our daily operations like quotations, bookings, vouchers editing and so on” comments Yannick.

Making the decision to commit to change was harder than finding the right solution.  Having made the decision that Tourwriter was the right tour operator software solution for them, Yannick hasn’t looked back. Yannick and his team have been using Tourwriter to manage their often complex travel itineraries for 8 years now.

Yannick was able to identify 3 specific areas that have made the most difference to his tour business:

  1. Systematizing supplier information for easy access
  2. Minimizing mistakes when pricing quotations
  3. Communicating with suppliers

Yannick loves the fact that Tourwriter is a significant time saving solution – an important result when running a successful business. “Tourwriter did save us a lot of time in our daily operations but it also gave us a lot of security. It avoids mistakes in quotation and we have quick access to all our providers’ information (prices, contacts, etc.)” says Yannick. Tourwriter’s innovative framework systematizes all of your supplier data, which in turn simplifies day to day operations for tour operators. This ensures that they are able to focus on the business of selling travel and that they are no longer wasting hours in Word and Excel documents.

Yannick consolidated their supplier records (previously stored in Word, PDF, emails and his memory) into Tourwriter for streamlined access.  Once the Tourwriter database was loaded with their supplier information all processes became both ordered and organized, with productivity soaring.


What they love about Tourwriter

“As far as I know it is the only system made by travel agents for travel agents”. Yannick is right, Tourwriter was created by tour operators who felt there just had to be a better way.  With many staff also having experience in the travel industry, Alter-nativ Brésil could rest assured knowing that the tour operator software they used is built and designed by people who understand the quirks and complexities of the industry, and how those can best be addressed. 

Yannick values the fact that Tourwriter minimizes errors in their operations and saves them time. Saving time helps productivity and is a major focus of Tourwriter, as is ensuring pricing is error free so that every file is returning a healthy margin. An organized supplier database ensures your quotes are error free and most importantly, profitable.  

Yannick also outlined that sending booking requests is now a joy, with the Tourwriter software backing them. Booking and confirming large complex itineraries, with 20 to 30 different suppliers, can consume many employee hours. Tourwriter automates itinerary management with email templates and ‘merge tags’ allowing reservations staff to book entire itineraries in minutes. “Once a trip is sold, I love sending the booking requests. It takes only a couple of minutes while before, it used to take me ages to book each hotel or service one by one” comments Yannick.

Yannick also commented on the growth of Tourwriter’s business: “In the last 7 years, I’ve witnessed the amazing growth of the Tourwriter team. At the beginning there was only Glenn and Seba and now there are many more staff. It is, without any doubt, a guaranty of Tourwriter’s success and proof I made the right choice.”

Quick Facts About Alter-nativ Brésil

  • Team of 3 full-time staff, based in Recife, Brazil.
  • Tourwriter Professional Licence – 2 User.
  • Specialize in personalized itinerary creation for travellers to Brazil.
  • Has direct contact with each local supplier, which gives them both high-quality service and competitive pricing.