“We designed Tourwriter so we could sell more tailor-made travel itineraries without needing to hire more staff”

Now you can too.

In 2004, three travel businesses recognized a need for an itinerary software application that would simplify their processes. A way to make every aspect of itinerary building and management fast and easy. They looked high and low, and the only options they could find were designed for large agencies, with price tags to match.

By combining years of travel industry experience with an ingenious computer programmer, they created the itinerary software that is known today as Tourwriter. It is a simple and cost effective solution for small to medium Tour Operators and Destination Management Companies.

The Tourwriter team are dedicated to providing robust support and building strong communication between its users, including a popular bi-annual information and networking event. Many of Tourwriter’s new features have originated from this; continuing the legacy of being created by agents for agents.

Today, Tourwriter is the itinerary software application of choice for travel businesses small or large and is simplifying processes for Travel and Tour Operators around the Globe. We have 30 staff spread throughout the world to ensure someone is always available to help.

Tourwriter Team



What drives him? Being an integral part of creating solutions for clients’ everyday problems, into a truly successful and sustainable company. Glenn is passionate about inspiring people to creatively contribute to the journey.

Seba Illingworth


Seba’s driving force in life is, without question, the pursuit of happiness. When designing Tourwriter his goal is the same; to create elegant, yet simple software, making the user’s life a happier one.

Richard Clemo - COO

Leading the operations and finance teams, and with a passion for travelling and storytelling, Richard was inspired to join the Tourwriter Team in delivering a software product that enabled travel journeys for its customers.


Roshni is our dedicated expert in all things Tourwriter. From her deep knowledge of the product, all the way through to her innate understanding of our customers – Roshni heads up our Product Team to ensure Tourwriter users continue to get the most out of our software.