5 tourism reports to guide decision making in 2021

tourism research 2021

The internet is an overwhelming and scary place at times. There can be screeds of information, in fact too much, on a particular topic that can leave even the most informed person feeling confused and pulled in multiple directions. But why is it that when you desperately need insights, direction and data to inform crucial decisions on something, there tends to be nothing that meets your needs? 

As we scoured the web for data-driven insights on the current state of the tourism industry to inform how to best approach the year ahead, more often than not we found ourselves hitting brick walls. Understandably the COVID-19 pandemic hindered many research efforts and is constantly changing the state of play. Despite this, there is a real lack of reliable information that can help to guide the decision making of tour operators in 2021. So, we’ve done some extensive digging and found a collection of trustworthy, valuable resources that will help to make your life easier going forward. Because, let’s not forget that informed decision making is the ultimate superpower. 

We can say with confidence that these reports will ignite conversation, nourish your thinking, act as a rudder for your business direction going forward and set you on the path for success. So whether you delve into them over your morning coffee or peruse them with a glass of wine in hand, take your time with them, digest the information, share them with your wider team and take a long look at how their insights will impact on and shape your business in the current climate.

travel insights 2021Complete with detailed infographics and graphs, Skyscanner’s New World of Travel report provides invaluable insight into the search patterns of potential travellers as we’ve ridden the wave of coronavirus. As an online travel search engine, Skyscanner has deep insights into the search history of people around the world for flights, hotels and rental cars. 

As an added bonus, the report pulls together statistics from the World Travel and Tourism Council’s 2019 economic report to demonstrate areas of great impact with particular focus given to the predicted outlook for the business travel segment and low cost carriers. 

Recognising the importance of changing consumer behaviours and decision making across the course of the pandemic, the report delves into the psychology of tourists and the factors that will impact their travel choices going forward. 

View the report here: New World of Travel Report by Skyscanner

travel stats 2020Short but mighty perfectly sums up the United World Tourism Organisation’s (UNWTO) World Tourism Barometer. Published in December 2020, the factsheet is very realistic about the past, current and future status of international travel. Using a mixture of percentages, figures and dollar values to demonstrate the vast impact that COVID-19 has had on international tourism, the report is optimistic about returned freedom that a vaccine will give to the global community and their travel movements. 

Wanting to ensure that the tourism industry is responsible, sustainable and universally accessible, the UNWTO is committed to supporting the travel sector, and advancing their knowledge through the likes of these Barometer reports. 

View the December 2020 report here: UNWTO World Tourism Barometer

travel recovery research reportSet on helping the travel and tourism industry prosper and grow in the long term, the World Travel & Tourism Council’s recent release of the To Recovery & Beyond: The Future of Travel & Tourism in the Wake of COVID-19 report is helpful in considering the impact that key trends will have on relevant tourism stakeholders. 

Offering insight into the health of the tourism sector, the impact that coronavirus has had on the industry as a whole and what travel will look like going forward, we were impressed with the thorough statistical evidence and reasoning behind discussions. Of note are the four trends: demand evolution, health & hygiene, innovation & digitisation, and sustainability, that were covered along with the impact that these would have on noteworthy stakeholders (travellers, businesses, workforce and communities). 

To top off the strength of this report, the WTTC offers a series of well thought out, viable recommendations to the industry for 2021 and beyond. To use their words, “We ourselves are encouraged by the ingenuity shown by the sector over the past few months, and trust that the actions taken today are important building blocks for the long-term resilience of Travel & Tourism.” 

View the report here: To Recovery & Beyond; The Future of Travel & Tourism in the Wake of COVID-19 

travel report 2020Setting the scene by reflecting on past worldwide crises and pandemics, Skift and McKinsey in their The Travel Industry Turned Upside Down report spare no detail when demonstrating the severity of COVID-19 on the tourism industry. Very methodically the report works through the health, risk and strengths of the airline, hotel, vacation rental, tour and activity, online travel agent, car rental and rideshare, and cruise sectors. 

Written by intelligence specialists, the report highlights the differing paths that leisure and business travel will take as we enter recovery. Useful in the decision making for tour operators, a series of scenarios on the future of tourism are posed at the end of the document. From a muted recovery to a strong rebound, the report explores potential economic statuses, travel demand, people’s willingness to travel and country recoveries of each scenario. Taking it one step further, the valuable resource also details recommended actions for travel companies. 

View the report here: The Travel Industry Turned Upside Down 

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