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Costa Rica Travel Market

Monica McIntyre owns and operates Costa Rica Travel Market (CRTM) –  a travel specialist with offices in both the US and in Costa Rica. CRTM specializes in servicing travelers bound for Costa Rica throughout the year with centralized early bookings, seasonal bookings, and providing last minute deals with a particular focus on hotels and tours in and around Costa Rica.

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The Costa Rica Travel Market story

With over 30 years of industry experience, Costa Rica Travel Market understood the importance of effective and efficient itinerary management software. CRTM began searching for itinerary management software early in 2015 and began using Tourwriter in April of the same year. Owner, Monica McIntyre wanted a solution that customised to her needs and worked well with FIT and group travel.

“The software is fantastic, versatile and very easy to use…it was definitely designed by people who work in the field that understand the quirks and nuances our industry has! I loved their ability to recreate my wishes to a perfect itinerary that works with the industries quirks specific to my industry.”

costa rica travel market

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Working between countries means you’ll often find Monica in the Costa Rica jungle for weeks at a time, meaning limited access to the internet. Knowing her seasonal schedule could mean she was unable to work on getting Tourwriter set up for weeks at a time, Monica was determined to get as much done while based in her US office in Denver, CO. The Tourwriter implementation team worked alongside Monica to ensure her supplier information was loaded, document templates were ready and she was up and running within 6 weeks.

I can honestly say I was impressed at the teamwork they displayed and the flawless cooperation they provided from across the globe to help me advance in a speedy and efficient manner,” said Monica

An unexpected added benefit that Monica found when using Tourwriter was the CRM and reporting functionality it included, allowing her to manage tasks, details, and notes for all of CRTM’s clients in a more efficient manner, all in the one system.

“It allows me to keep track of the task for each client, and it gives me great reports on supplier actionable lead times and payments.”


Things we love about Tourwriter

1. The implementation process and flexibility within the team

“I wanted my itinerary in a very specific way, I also wanted two other documents to create quotes and are suggestions. They [Tourwriter] created all three without me having to compromise on any change. Sometimes I felt I was asking for something that seemed impossible, yet they would take on the challenge and come up with a way to get it done! Every time!”

2. Document creation

“The production of itineraries, reports, quotes, and pricing documents are very professional looking and efficiently produced.”

3. CRM functionality

“I have to say, it has fulfilled some CRM functions as well! It [Tourwriter] allows me to keep track of the tasks for each client.”


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