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Sustainable tourism event and conference glossary

Guide to Sustainable Travel Events in 2020

Ever wondered how your tour operator business can be more involved in sustainable tourism? A great way to start is by attending a sustainable event where you can network, learn and collaborate with other great minds. Take a peek at our guide to the best sustainable tourism events, conferences and trade shows of 2020 and beyond...

Travel tradeshow and conference glossary

The 2020 Travel Trade Show and Conference Glossary

With hundreds of potential travel trade shows to attend, it’s tricky to differentiate between the conferences that are worth your time, and those that just won’t give you a return on your investment. Peruse this glossary for a run-down of the events to look out for in 2020 and beyond…

Travel Industry Trends for 2020

The biggest travel trends expected to hit in 2020

From ancestry travel to space exploration and everything in between; dive into a selection of the biggest trends expected to take the tourism industry by storm as we enter 2020.

Tourism industry statistics for 2019

Tourism industry statistics for 2019 and beyond

Noone could say that the travel industry is boring. This dynamic and fast-paced industry is continuously evolving, so how will your tour operator business keep up? We've searched the web for the latest statistics and trends that might affect your tour operator business so that you can be aware of what's changing and how to stay ahead of the curve in 2019 and beyond!

Tour operator software stats

Tourism industry statistics for 2018 and beyond

Future proofing your tour operator business for years to come requires continual evolution. In this blog we’ve compiled some of the industry’s most important statistics and trends so you can keep abreast of the changes likely to affect your travel business in 2018 and beyond.

Understanding the travel industry for tour operators

How does the travel industry actually work?

Who are the key players in the industry, where do they all fit together and how does the industry actually work?! There’s no doubt that the travel industry is a confusing space to wrap your head around so we’ve broken it down for you in this easy new resource.

Tourism Industry Glossary

The A to Z of the tourism industry

No doubt you, like us, have often found yourselves stumped by an acronym or term you are unfamiliar with. The tourism industry is absolutely full of them and often consulting Google just adds to the confusion. We feel your pain, which is why we’ve created this A - Z tourism industry glossary to help you out!

GDPR for Tour Operators, DMC's and Travel Agents

How will GDPR affect tour operators, DMCs and travel agents?

GDPR is an extremely important piece of legislation that is set to come into effect on May 25th, 2018 and will affect almost every tour operator, travel agency and DMC on the planet. Understand what GDPR is, how it will affect your travel business and what you need to do to get prepared.

tour operator digital security

HTTPS: Why tour operators need to pay attention to web security

We know how important your digital presence is when it comes to attracting new and returning customers. In fact, over 90% of travelers look online when researching in preparation for their trips...Getting your website right will inevitably set you and your business up for success going forward.

Tour Operators 2018

What 2018 holds for tour operators

We say it at the end of every year...but 2017 really has been an enormous year! From the unprecedented ‘Trump Slump’ through to record breaking weather events and temperatures, tour operators really have had their fair share of hurdles over the past 12 months. Naturally, you’ve overcome those hurdles and here you are, ready to take on 2018!


Understanding travel industry fragmentation

‘Fragmentation’ - Is it just another business buzzword... Or is it something that we in the travel industry should be paying attention to? At Tourwriter we wanted to explore this concept further to better understand what Fragmentation is, how it is affecting the travel industry, and provide you with some ways you can prepare your business for the industry's changing landscape.

Tour Operators Catching on to the Popularity of Golf Tourism

As tourism continually increases in value, it is also becoming more specialized...