Niche Markets

Photography tours for tour operators

How to craft photography tours that inspire

Photography is more popular than ever before, and tour operators across the globe are finding new and unique ways to integrate it into their itineraries. In this blog learn how your tour operator business can unlock new sales opportunities with photography tours.

Luxury itinerary creation for tour operators

What does luxury travel look like in 2019?

Today luxury travel is a whole lot more than first-class tickets and expensive reports. In this blog, learn about the niche market that is taking the travel industry by storm. Understand why this segment of travel is booming so rapidly and learn how to prepare your travel business for luxury travel success.

tour operator business working traveller

How to cater to the working traveller

Work-life balance is more important than ever before, and as a result we are seeing more people choose to travel while working. In this blog we explore the working traveller phenomenon, learn about the different ways workers are integrating travel into their careers and show you how to gear your tour operator business for success in this unique market

Sustainable tourism for tour operators

Our house is on fire: How your tour operator business can get involved in sustainable tourism.

April 22nd marks Earth Day, a global day of awareness for the climate crisis that our planet is currently experiencing....

niche tour operator

The Changing Face of Travel: A Tour Operator’s Guide to Niche Markets

As the travel industry continues to flourish, the need to focus on a niche is becoming more apparent. In this eBook learn why truly specialising can have such a positive impact on a tour operator's bottom line. Get inspired with a deep dive into niche markets that are taking the industry by storm.

Niche market tour operator

Why tour operators focusing on a niche market are thriving

Business is evolving and a simple market segment no longer holds the same strategic impact than it once did. In today's competitive climate a niche market looks a lot more specific; it seems the question is no longer ‘is this niche broad enough for my tour operator business to profit’, and instead, ‘can this niche be even more focused?’

luxury tour operator brand

The Ultimate Guide to Building your Luxury Travel Brand

Join us in this eBook as we dive deep into the luxury travel market. Uncover some of the key contributors to its growth and learn just how big this market truly is. Discover tips and tools on how to gear your Tour Operator or Destination Management company for success in this unique and interesting market.

bike tour operator software

Why your customer’s next holiday might be a bike tour

No longer reserved for the adventure seeking athletic travellers of the world; bike tours are quickly becoming a staple in the tourism industry. In this blog we take a look at this niche market, uncover some of the driving forces behind it’s growth and let you in on some helpful ways your business can leverage this unique opportunity.

womens travel tour operator

The women’s travel phenomenon

What was once considered ‘daring’ is now becoming status quo as more women than ever are opting to travel in women only groups. Here’s how your tour operator business can get involved.

Why tour operators should be paying attention to the cruise industry

The tour operator’s guide to the cruise industry

Like most sectors of the travel industry, the cruise industry is rapidly expanding and changing as travel becomes accessible for an ever-increasing number of people. Learn a bit about how the industry has expanded, how a tour operator can get involved and what the cruise industry could look like in the future.

Tour Operators Catching on to the Popularity of Golf Tourism

As tourism continually increases in value, it is also becoming more specialized...