Products crafted by tour operators, for tour operators

With our suite of tour operator software solutions, time consuming tasks become a thing of the past.

Automate and streamline your operations and have more time up your sleeve to focus on what you do best: crafting unforgettable travel experiences.

Minim online itinerary builder

Online itinerary builder and management software

Create breathtaking itineraries, collaborate with travellers, measure performance and stand out from the crowd with our online itinerary builder

Does this look like you?

Currently use Microsoft Word and Excel

Work predominantly with independent travellers

Annual turnover under US$500k

A small team with plans to grow

You obsess over your customers and their experiences

Tourwriter plus minim

End-to-end tour operator software

Automates processes and takes care of the heavy lifting. Seamlessly integrated with Minim to give you the best of both worlds

Does this look like you?

Need software with a comprehensive feature set

Work with independent travellers and / or groups

Annual turnover exceeding US$500k

 Medium to large team

You obsess over your customers and their experiences