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“TourWriter’s new publishing functionality has greatly reduced the time taken to produce our vouchers and client documentation.”

Toni Bell, Exclusively NewZealand, Tauranga, New Zealand“TourWriter has allowed the individual users to be more efficient and productive with their work output. Luxury Travel design is particularly time consuming and detail orientated; specifically the publishing aspects of TW halved this aspect of the Itinerary Design process straight away. From a Company Perspective, the supplier contract pricing section is extensive and precise, and the reporting functions are very useful for the commercial requirements that we have. All in all, Tour Writer achieves its objective of being time and cost efficient and we look forward to seeing further enhancements as the programme/ company grows!”

— Toni Bell, Exclusively NewZealand, Tauranga, New Zealand

Before TourWriter, what did you use?

Like many others, we used Word & Excel.

What problems did you have with your old Tour Operator software?

Timeliness and efficiency issues mostly. Excel is great for recording information and calculating figures however it is slow and inefficient when having to manually type details in. Additionally, Word is great for presenting itineraries but is just far too time consuming when having to cut, paste and type information.

How did these problems affect your business?

We like to be very thorough with our presentation and doing everything manually was starting to put a strain on our client relationships as the turn around time was not quick enough.

What made you decide to use TourWriter? Did you try out any other solutions?

Tour Writer had been chosen just as I started at ETG however having had some experience with Travel Studio (which is quite complex) Tour Writer was like a breath of fresh air – very straight forward and had functionalities that the multi million dollar Travel Studio was not even capable of.

What was your experience when getting started with TourWriter?

I will never forget Gina’s tag line about Tour Writer being just like online shopping!! The initial time taken to think about how Tour Writer was going to work for us and present to our clients was a great investment that allowed the set up process to be very straight forward.

How has TourWriter improved your business?

Our business has seen growth and expansion in the last 18 months, which has afforded more time to work on our operating efficiencies in conjunction with Tour Writer. The new publishing platform is a great addition to the Tour Writer fold – after the initial time taken to set it up it allows us to be more creative with our presentation and creates more time for my staff… aside from the projects that we have going on we might get time this summer to enjoy the beach capital that we live in!

Visit Toni’s company website at www.exclusivetravelgroup.com

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