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“TourWriter allows me to be in control of my time and provides the opportunity to focus on developing my business…”

Steven Pleciak, Beyond the Blue

Inbound Tour Operator, Auckland, New Zealand

“TourWriter’s cloud based option has not only removed the hassle and expense of running my own server but has really given me a lot of flexibility with the way I run my business – my staff now operate from 3 different locations around New Zealand, and our operations all runs seamlessly. The integration with Xero has made our accounting almost enjoyable!”

Before TourWriter, what did you use?

Prior to my own business I used Tourplan when managing another IBO

What problems did you have with your old Tour Operator software?

It was costly and cumbersome and lacked flexibility to tailor reports and interface with itinerary documentation

How did these problems affect your business?

Aside from the financial burden and time to load data, the quality level of quality was not acceptable

What made you decide to use TourWriter? Did you try out any other solutions?

After a trial period with TourWriter, I found the application easy to understand and use with plenty of extra scope for additional reporting and database management if needed. I liked the way it was scalable to your own business size and the array of data that could be used for internal or client documents. The drag and drop functionality is very intuitive.

What was your experience when switching and getting started with TourWriter?

The changeover was not as complex as I thought it would be. We had planned for all sorts of outcomes but in reality we need not have worried. We contacted support a few times and they were helpful, knowing what had worked for other users in order to come up with a practical solution to any specific query.

How has TourWriter improved your business?

It’s simple to use so for new staff that is vital. The interface with itinerary documentation has saved a lot of time as has the ability to use Xero Accounting services along with TourWriter. Above all, it’s a company that has experience in the IBO market and they understand what issues our type of business faces to be able to provide business support when required.

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