TourWriter Client Reviews

TourWriter clients are diverse. One thing our Tour Operators all have in common, is the desire to provide their clients with great travel experiences and to do this as efficiently as possible. TourWriter gives them an intuitive operating system that has been designed specifically to achieve this.

Our decisions and actions at TourWriter are always based on enabling tour operators to be more efficient and ultimately more profitable.

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Below are some of our clients’ TourWriter stories.

Sydney Bespoke Tours

“A great visual outcome of documents provided to our clients. We get a good overview of existing bookings and good reporting systems that assist in guide and vehicle allocations, invoicing and calculating quotes.”

Passion for italy

Passion for Italy

“It has saved me a lot of time and I can do many more clients at the same time.”-- Gemma Green Close, Passion for Italy.

alter-nativ bresil

Alter-nativ Brésil

“TourWriter did make us save a lot of time in our daily operations but it also gave us a lot of security. “--Yannick Olivier, Alter-Nativ Brésil.

crystal travel

Crystal Travel

“The main benefit we see with TourWriter is the sheer number of inquiries we can get through now. Through the first 6 months of 2016, we sent out 345% more quotes compared to the first 6 months of 2014."-- Kevin Kelly, Crystal Travel.

viking travel client review

Viking Travel

"No more cutting and pasting from Word and Excel and this ensures price and date errors are minimized and this is great." -- David Berg, Viking Travel.

pomegranate luxury travel

Pomegranate Luxury Travel

"As a small business TourWriter has helped clarify our business processes. TourWriter is a great piece of software for those looking to create smart looking itineraries in an efficient manner." -- Hannah Blustin, Pomegranate Travel.

beyond the blue

Beyond the Blue

"TourWriter’s cloud based option has not only removed the hassle and expense of running my own server but has really given me a lot of flexibility with the way I run my business" -- Steven Pleicak, Beyond the Blue.

seasonz luxury travel

Seasonz Luxury Travel

"With Tourwriter we have seen a dramatic improvement in the overall management of travel files and as a result increased productivity from our staff are progressing. " -- Matt Lines, Seasonz Luxury Travel..

all black tours

All Blacks Tours

"At the time we were starting the business there was only four of us, we’ve now grown to 13. We’re looking to have more people involved using TourWriter as our back-of-house system." -- David Caldwell, All Blacks Tours

hospitality plus

Hospitality Plus NZ

“TourWriter allowed me to focus 100% on operations from day one. I don’t think I could run my business without TourWriter."-- Sharon Pannewitz, Hospitality Plus.

golfer's dream destination

Golfer’s Dream Destination

"TourWriter is a wonderful tool for my business, I don't know how I managed before it. I get twice the work done in half the time. I love it!" -- Di Houghton, Golfer’s Dream

experience-nz- trip planner

Experience New Zealand Travel

"TourWriter has not only changed the way we do business, it has improved the lives of every employee. Everything we do is simply more efficient and professional.- Rachel Strahl, Experience New Zealand Travel

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