TourWriter Referral Program

Help an industry colleague improve their business and save with a $750NZD licence credit

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The TourWriter Referral Program is about recognizing and rewarding those clients who actively recommend TourWriter to friends and their business networks.

Many referrals happen informally but we think both the referrer and referee should be rewarded. Any TourWriter client who recommends TourWriter will receive a $750NZD licence credit when a referral goes on to become a TourWriter client.


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the @TourWriter #referral program is easy. Recommend and both parties receive a $750NZD licence credit at signup

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Recommending TourWriter to someone from your business network by email (ask us for a template if you are interested) will be the easiest way to refer TourWriter. Some of the best referrals have happened at trade shows or industry events from our experience so please keep us in mind at your next event. We can provide calling cards to hand out if you are interested.

Some important things to remember

The licence credit is payable only for new business introductions. If your referral is already in our CRM database then they will not be considered a new business introduction. Your account manager will advise you if TourWriter has already had negotiations with the referred business.

To ensure we track referrals fairly it is best you cc your account manager into any email referrals and this way our sales team can be sure of tracking the new business source.

You can also ask your referral to mention your name for priority service if you have recommended TourWriter over the phone or in person.

You can be sure any referrals are kept confidential and your referrals will never expire so even if your introduction is 4 years old (as recently happened) you can still receive the $750NZD licence credit.